About us;

Vigour Limited are Multi Axis Machining Specialists. We are a new modern engineering company based in Coventry. Our aim is to offer the highest achievable manufacturing quality, sub-contract 5 axis precision machining in a range of materials using our full five axis DMG Mori DMU Evo 50 milling machines.

At Vigour we pride ourselves on our three most important aspects of service, Quality, Speed and Value. Our aim is to provide the shortest possible lead times frequently as short as five to ten-days whilst maintaining our high level of quality together with the best value possible.

Vigour was founded in 2015 and we have doubled in production size and aspire to make this a habit. We are currently in the process of seeking accreditation of AS9001 which will greatly expand our opportunities in high precision industries such as aerospace, in which we believe we can become a key contender.


We believe one of the most important aspects of business is speed of manufacturing high precision components. In a competitive industry, full of new and unique manufacturing process and continuous improvements we aim to create the fastest solutions. We believe it is our responsibility to offer customers our shortest lead-times to remain competitive.

At Vigour Limited we believe we can offer the best value possible alongside our already swift and rigorous manufacturing solutions. With the use of our LANG TECHNIK loader we can work around the clock to ensure you receive  high precision components swiftly.


At Vigour we have invested greatly into furthering our infrastructure to ensure we can offer you solutions using the latest and greatest CAD CAM software. This further supports our claim to offer our customers the best possible value.

Using our highly sought-after hyperMILL software, we can program and produce highly complex and detailed parts using techniques such as 5 axis prismatic fillet finishing. Our intuitive software can also run highly accurate collision detections to minimise any errors in our manufacturing process.