We will pursistantly and vigourously strive to improve our quality as experienced by our customers for the products and services.  

At Vigour Ltd an ISO9001 certified company, we pride ourselves on our consistently high levels of quality by our well-funded inspection department. It’s here you’ll find yourself surrounded by familiar brands and equipment such as our DEA Global Performance CMM, a gantry co-ordinate measuring machine. Used by our expert staff

In process control

All machines are fitted with laser tool measuring technology that measures tools and monitors tool condition. All machines are fitted with digital part probes which, combined with HyperMILL's probing cycles, are capable of in process control. These both check and if necessary modify tool paths to maintain diametrical accuracy for production runs.  For low volume batch runs we also have a comprehensive suite of manual gauges.


  • Fine boring technology 
  • Manual measurement
  • Direct measurement system

on a daily basis, this enables our manufactured components be delivered with in-depth, precise and detailed reports. Our attention to detail does not stop there. Together our diverse network of accredited material suppliers, we are able to offer all our customers full batch traceability.

Multi-Axis specialists

Our continuous investment in the latest technology enables us to offer machining of very unique components in any material.


  • Multiblade milling
  • Five axis Trochoidal milling
  • High performance finishing with specialist barrel cutters